About Forward

Kia ora koutou,

My name is Laura & I am the face behind Forward. Originally from England, I have lived in Whangarei for the last 5 years. Before this, I spent 4 years travelling the world. It was during this time that I saw first-hand the damage plastic waste was doing to our earth. Sick of filling up my bin every time I filled up my cupboards, something needed to change. In order to find a way forward, I looked back at the past; where eating real food with minimal packaging was normal practice - & so if we did it then, surely we can do it now.

However I soon realised that avoiding plastic wasn't going to be easy; I began to wonder why the extra work & cost involved in making an environmentally friendly decision currently falls on the consumer while most of the suppliers & retailers take very little responsibility for their contribution. If I was finding it hard, so were others & yet we all know that we have to change our ways & fast!

So I set about to start Forward, a shop where planet & purpose will always come before profit. A way to make plastic free living easier & more accessible for our community, so that we can shop without damaging our Earth. My aim is to create a business with heart, that treads gently on our whenua & supports our community.

I really hope that you will move Forward with me.

Nga mihi,