Meet our Suppliers

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At Forward, we support as many local and NZ based, small, businesses as possible. We care about our community and want to work closely with all our fabulous suppliers to help each other grow. Working with these businesses also means we can create our own zero waste systems, outside of the usual status quo! So here are the faces behind the amazing products...

Marin Julia

Alternative Bread Co

Ruth - Auckland

We are so pleased to stock these amazing bread mixes. The owner, Ruth, is Coeliac, as is her daughter and mother, Her daughter was a big lover of fresh bread especially spicy fruit buns, but the supermarket's gluten free options were not to her liking.  This led Ruth to start experimenting in the kitchen - and the Alternative Bread Co was born. These mixes are an easy way to make allergy friendly delicious bread, with no nasties. Try them, you won't regret it!
Richard Bauer

The Chocolate Barn

Kristine - Waipu

Quality ingredients create quality products and this has never more clear than with The Chocolate Barn's delicious offerings. Kristine uses as many local ingredients as possible, sourcing her macadamia nuts from just down the road! She has also partnered with Feoh Espresso Bar to create delicious chocolate coated coffee beans. Kristine has gone above and beyond to supply without waste. Her kindness and support for local business is truly special.
Marin Julia

Santosa Natural Cleaning

Katie - Auckland

Unlike conventional detergents which can be harmful for your skin and the planet, Santosa's natural laundry powder leaves clothes and linens fresh, clean and chemical-free. Every ingredient has been chosen for it's nourishment along with it's biodegrable and hypoallergenic friendly properties. Plus, it's super concentrated, so just one tablespoon is powerful enough for both front & top loaders. Katie worked with Forward to create a zero waste way for us to stock this fabulous powder.
Marin Julia

Mylk Made

Gemma - Christchurch

These nut mylk pastes are life changing! Gemma has created a perfect way to make switching to plant based mylk easy for everyone. Just blend one tablespoon with water and voilà! Not only that, Gemma went above and beyond to change her already eco packaging to fit our zero waste model. You will notice that Mylk Made products at Forward have swing tags, instead of labels. This means you can return them to us and we can reuse them time and time again.
Marin Julia

Ti Aroha

Ataria & Te Piha - Whangarei

Ti Aroha is an Aotearoa made and Māori owned herbal tea company created by Ataria and Te Piha (Ngāpuhi). Ti Aroha is packaged in Whangarei and infused with aroha - for you and Papatūānuku. Their love for tea extends out to the environment and they are keen to make as small an impact as possible through use of returnable jars.  All of the ingredients are sourced within Aotearoa and certified organic. You can taste the love and care that goes into these beautiful teas.
K.a Joben

Feoh Espresso

Riki - Waipu

Riki is the owner of Feoh Espresso Bar & Roastery. A quirky little coffee spot, that I recommend you go visit next time you're in Waipu. It is here that Riki creates his Bitches Brew coffee specialising in single origins bespoke roasts. These are hand roasted in 60g batches to ensure the best quality. Riki knows everything there is to know about good coffee and has a really unique and unusual selection of varieties. Trust me, this coffee is incredible!
Marin Julia

Handsome Frog Catering

Janet & Ian - Whangarei

Ian & Janet from Handsome Frog Catering supply a range of handmade artisan breads and pastries. Their sourdough is next level delicious! They are all made from quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Ian & Janet endeavour to be as zero waste and environmentally friendly as they can. They therefore drop their creations off to me in a returnable container, this means if you have selected a bread bag I can pack straight into that - meaning no waste at all! 
Marin Julia

Sano Lifestyle

Ala - Whangarei

We are so happy to stock a range of Ala's beautiful soaps, scrubs and salts. Ala is local to Whangarei and decided to start Sano Lifestyle as she suffered from atopic dermititis. Her soaps were formulated to help restore, rebalance and repair irritated and dry skin, naturally. They are all natural - made with high quality virgin and cold pressed oils, butters and botanicals sourced locally in Northland or in NZ. All handcrafted from scratch using the traditional cold process method and made in small batches to maintain the highest quality.
Marin Julia


Tatiana - Whangarei

Art meets chocolate at Dekadenz. Tatiana's signature style is to hand paint her chocolates, making them truly unique and perfect for a special treat or gift. She also makes delicious rocky road and kozinaki (a yummy seed brittle). Look out at Christmas for her hand painted Christmas pudding chocolates - they are one of our most popular treats! Tatiana packs straight into our returnable jars, meaning their is no waste at all. Tatiana is based in Paparoa, Northland and offers workshops to pass on her special skills.
Marin Julia

Max Coffee

Raelene - Kerikeri

Established in Kerikeri in 1999, MAX was created to provide northland with fresh roasted coffee, and has gone on to become northlands premium coffee roaster. MAX coffee roasts the traditional way, using the eclectic and iconic Otto Swadlo rotary roaster, with no hi tech meddling. Each and every batch of high quality beans is observed till roasted plump and smooth with the colour and sheen of melted chocolate, to ensure perfection every time. MAX only accept full flavour, body, aroma and of course, quality.


Neville - Whangarei

Cocavo produces & supplies a wide range of gourmet cooking oils & super-foods. They believe health can be tasty and affordable. All of their products are 100% natural and derived from renewable sources. Neville was super keen to work with Forward's return system, so he picks up our empties jars and bottles, and packs straight in to them - how good is that!

Vicki's Cottage Kitchen

Vicki & John - Mangawhai

Vicki takes pride in offering sugar, wheat, flour, dairy, egg & yeast free products. We especially love her delicious bircher muesli. All products are handmade with love and care, and use as many local and organic ingredients as possible. Her husband John is responsible for the amazing peanut butter we stock too! This lovely duo pack straight into our jars to be totally zero waste!

Seleno Health

Corin &  Jacqueline - Wellington

Seleno Health is a small family run business led by Dr Corin Storkey and Jacqueline Huapaya, based between New Zealand and Peru. They work directly with shamans and farmers in Peru following ancient traditions. They have developed a model of trade that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable and helps improve the lives of people in the local community.

MKM Pasture Farms

James - Waipu

At James farm, his poultry is raised in a way that’s consistent with how chickens would naturally live: in pasture, with the ability to freely roam, scratch, and peck, improving the soil at the same time. This is very different to free range, in which they only have access to the outdoors for a limited time each day and are inside the rest of the time. James also picks up his empty trays and we pack into reused preloved egg cartons.

Little Foot Cleaning

Luke - Palmerston North

Founded on three key concepts family, environment and sustainability. Littlefoot's goal is simple, provide the best natural products while reducing their everyday impact on the environment. All of Littlefoot's products are made using an array of natural ingredients, from essential oils to sugarcane cleanser. To help stem the tides of plastic that end up in our landfills and waterways, Littlefoot take back their empty containers to be reused - something that the bigger known 'eco' brands do not do.

Proper Crisps

Ned & Mina - Nelson

Proper Crisps have a dedicated team of potato professionals, to cultivate Proper Crisps from seed to success. Their crisps are cooked and hand stirred in small batches, then inspected, just before the flavour magic happens! The person in charge of each batch is so proud of what they do, their name is printed on each pack. Their packets are also home compostable, in order to help them break down we recommend you put your food scraps inside before putting them into your compost bin.
Victor Ko

Left Fields Market Garden

Jen & Gus - Waipu

TAKING A BREAK OVER WINTER - BACK IN AUGUST 21! We are stoked to have our vegetable boxes supplied by Jen & Gus. The decision to grow ‘Spray Free’ was a no-brainer for the couple. Safe, traceable and sustainable food production is of utmost importance at Left Fields where food can be eaten straight from the ground, and seasonal flowers are hand picked and enjoyed from field to vase. The couple say their eco-conscious consumers demand to know how, where, and by whom their food is grown - and we couldn't agree more!
Victor Ko

Epic Coffee

George & Dasha - Waipu

Epic Coffee are a father and daughter duo who believe that your epic adventures deserve to be fueled by top-notch coffee. Epic Coffee was an idea born from their shared love of the outdoors, adventures and of course, damn good coffee. As avid adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts, they wanted to create an adventure-proof on-the-go coffee option that tasted just as good as a visit to the local roasters.. They wanted the Epic Coffee brewing process to become a way to soak in the moment around you while fuelling the next quest.