Medium User - Return System Deposit


Join our Forward Whanau Return System!

Become a next level eco warrior and let us do all the mahi for you.

Pay a one off deposit for your glass jar packaging, you'll then no longer pay for your jars and can return them to us to be sterilised and refilled!

This is the medium package, great for those who do decent sized shops and want to have the freedom to use plenty of our higher priced jars/bottles.
With this you will have $100 worth of credit for your glass jars, our jars have different prices but an example of what this covers is 15 x size A ($2.00) jars, 4 x size B ($5.00) jars and 5 x size C ($10.00) bottles. Don't worry, we will keep a track of your usage and if you get close to your limit, we will let you know to return some or upgrade to a be Heavy User. 

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